Thursday, January 8, 2015

Historic Home for Sale

MLS # 1403289

I don't normally depart from the socio-political themes in this blog, but this beautiful house for sale at a low price of $598,000 is something for those who want to live in a milieu of shops, coffee houses, and restaurants, dripping with history. Built in 1853, this house and the village of Mesilla was part of Mexico. A year later, following the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ceded a vast expanse of land to the United States, this house and the town became part of New Mexico (at that time a territory). New Mexico would eventually become a state in 1912.

Note the authentic vitas and latillas
in this room
Mesilla was once the largest settlement between San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California. It was a major stage stop on the historic Butterfield/Overland stage lines, as well as the site where the Pony Express ran. Movies have been made here. The house is just steps away from the historic plaza, teaming with tourists, shops, and history. Billy the Kid walked these streets. The people here are friendly and interesting and will embrace you. Gay and Lesbian couples are just as welcome here as are their heterosexual counterparts. This is a getaway location where the weather is mild year round. This is a destination for snowbirds, photographers, hikers, historians, intellectuals, and interesting people.

Every nook and cranny of this historic house is a delight to the eyes, a surprise to those who know quality when they see it. Click on these pictures to get the stunning full-size view. Every street and alleyway of Mesilla is likewise stunning. Don't let Mesilla's rustic appearance fool you. Behind those unassuming adobe walls on every street are lovely interior spaces, some that will take your breath away.

The house has been extensively renovated with new electrical, appliances that are only three years old, with current warrantees. The design and architectural expert who renovated this house has been the recipient of numerous awards, his antique and art collection (much of which will be sold separately to the home buyer) has been the destination of arts councils, historians, and historic register visitors. The house is fully adobe, with two-foot-thick adobe walls throughout, with original vigas. It boasts the only true courtyard house in all of mesilla, surrounded by house on all four sides. The courtyard has been reconfigured as an outdoor room with a bubbling fountain, potted plants, porch and open areas. The building is zoned residential/commercial and the current owners lease one side of the house as a commercial space. It could be part of the house or it could be made into a separate apartment. All the rooms in the house look out on the courtyard.

Note the artistic flow of the vitas, the fireplace
The courtyard is of course the center of life in this house, pleasant for outdoor dining, parties, or even sunning away those unwanted tan lines, which can be done in total privacy.

A famed Mexican architect and world-renowned artist chose
traditional Mexican colors, which is how courtyards in the
deserts of northern Mexico are painted.

Armoires, outdoor tables, and even some of the bookshelves for this house were built in Mexico by craftsmen. The house is punctuated with Spanish Colonial art, including a seventeenth century hand-carved religious statue.

More about this house can be found at Mesilla and this house are perfect for retirees or even couples that want a home of stunning beauty and elegance away from the churning grind of big cities for extended stays.

This house has stood for over a hundred, sixty years, and will no doubt outlive the modern McMansions being built today.